Anti-Vaccine Witch Hunt FAIL Dr. Jack Wolfson Cleared Of All Charges

Anti-Vaccine Witch Hunt FAIL Dr. Jack Wolfson Cleared Of All Charges(NaturalNews) After Arizona cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson spoke out about the potential dangers of vaccines following the contrived Disneyland measles outbreak, he was aggressively attacked by the vaccine medical-industrial complex, which routinely accuses anyone who questions the party line on vaccines as being a danger to society.


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Organized by vaccine industry trolls and paid negative PR operatives, a total of 38 complaints were filed against Dr. Jack Wolfson with the Arizona state medical board. This is all part of the effort of the vaccine industry to destroy the credibility of any person who exercises true scientific, rational thought on the issue of risks versus rewards for vaccine interventions in children and adults. The idea here is that if enough punishment and aggression is directed against some doctors who speak out on the issue of vaccine side effects, then all the other doctors who may be witnessing these damaging effects of vaccines will decide to stay silent.


Dr. Wolfson was smeared by the mainstream media while

receiving death threats from vaccine trolls

Like many physicians who tell the truth about vaccine side effects and potential dangers, Dr. Wolfson received death threats and was threatened with violence. This is more common than you might suppose — the very same industry that routinely commits medical violence against children in the form of toxic vaccine ingredients is also well-known for encouraging and even organizing online threats of violence against physicians who are attempting to help protect children.


The “chilling effect” of these campaigns to discredit compassionate doctors is extraordinarily powerful, and it’s one of the main reasons why so many people are terrified at speaking out against the vaccine industry and its ongoing damaging and maiming of innocent children. We are literally living in a modern day medical police state where informed opinions that question the official narrative of the vaccine industry are simply not tolerated by the establishment.


The Arizona Osteopathic Medical Board took up the complaints against Dr. Jack Wolfson, and they concluded that although Dr. Wolfson’s statements might not reflect the consensus of the medical establishment, they are an acceptable expression of Dr. Wolfson’s free speech rights to voice his own educated medical opinion on matters relating to public safety and medical practices.


Vaccine industry FAIL: Dr. Wolfson will not be silenced

All the doctors and trolls and Pharma-funded operatives who were calling for Dr. Wolfson’s license to be revoked, in other words, have once again failed to achieve their desired aim. Dr. Wolfson continues to practice medicine in Arizona as a well-respected cardiologist, where he is widely celebrated by his patients for being a doctor who isn’t paralyzed into silence by the medical system… and is therefore able to offer extremely valuable opinions and insight on medical issues affecting millions of people today.


Patients are now flocking to Dr. Wolfson because they know he’s someone who can be trusted to tell the truth about public health issues, and he won’t be silenced by the medical system that wants to keep patients in the dark on issues that impact their health.


Here at Natural News, we salute Dr. Wolfson for having the courage and perseverance to stand his ground and tell the truth, even in the face of a delusional mob of vaccine fanatics. The truth is the most dangerous thing in modern medicine today, an industry built on lies, propaganda and profits. The very last thing the industry wants people to know is the truth about vaccine side effects and the shocking lack of efficacy found in many of the vaccines being sold today, which utterly lack any real scientific testing at all. See Merck vaccine fraud exposed by two Merck virologists; company faked mumps vaccine efficacy results for over a decade, says lawsuit.


The fact that Dr. Wolfson was so aggressively attacked for defending medical integrity is all the evidence you need that the vaccine industry is a house of cards built on medical delusions and a “science mob mentality” rather than scientific truth. After all, any system of medicine based on rigorous science rather than propaganda would have no fear at all of someone raising relevant questions.


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Dr. Jack Wolfson’s public statement

What follows is the statement released by Dr. Wolfson, describing how he was cleared of all charges and complaints that were leveled against him for speaking out on the issue of vaccine safety:


To those medical doctors who called for my license to be revoked, I have two words for you… case dismissed.


Actually I had two other words for you, but children may be reading this post.


The Arizona Osteopathic Medical Board briefly reviewed my case and decided that while many people may be against my opinions, some people may be in agreement with me. But it is my First Amendment right to MAKE those statements. Case dismissed.


Some of you may not have heard my story which culminated in 38 complaints to the medical board, so let me recap.


In late January of this year, I was interviewed by NBC regarding cases of the measles virus that appear to have started at Disneyland. Many voiced their displeasure with my television comments. In response, I crafted a blog post on that went viral, viewed by hundreds of thousands and shared all over social media. The article was a scathing condemnation of parents who blindly follow their doctor’s advice, loading up their children with vaccines. Most parents do not question vaccine safety or the benign childhood infections vaccines were designed to prevent. I stand by that post today as much as on the day I crafted it.


The mass circulation of the post led to an appearance on CNN with Erin Burnett. After a lopsided debate in which the deck was stacked against me, the talking-head moron, Burnett, goes off her teleprompter script to announce to the world that she, “Dr. Burnett” did her research. She vaccinated her children. My guess is that she spent her child’s doctor visit texting on her cell phone.


Later that same evening, I let the devil into my house. Her name is Elizabeth Cohen of CNN. After 45 minutes of taping, I unfortunately gave her the sound bite she wanted. The same question was asked over and over. “Could you live with yourself if your child infected another child and that child died?”


My response always started off…” As a father, as a doctor, and as a human being, it pains me to think of any child getting sick. But, I am not going to put my child’s life at risk to theoretically save another child.” In my final moment of frustration, I gave her the sound bite she craved, as a vampire would lust for blood.


I also stated that the immuno-compromised child in the discussion likely got cancer from a vaccine onslaught. Formaldehyde, a component of vaccines, has been linked with leukemia, the exact cancer that afflicted the child in the story. Again, it pains me that parents are so ignorant as to allow their children to eat, drink, bath, and wear chemicals. But nothing is worse than injecting the poisons directly into the body.


To all the pediatricians in the world, please show me the study that found 69 doses of 16 vaccines do not cause cancer, auto-immune disease, and brain injury.


The number one job of a parent is to protect their children. My wife ate pure organic Paleo while pregnant. We did a home birth, breast fed for three years, and co-sleep with our children. We avoid dangerous household products.


There is no freakin’ way we are injecting them with known carcinogens and immune activators, the exact toxins we spend our lives trying to avoid. After all, we are talking about mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics, aborted human fetal tissue, animal tissue, ethylene glycol etc. All this to prevent viruses like measles and chicken pox. Chicken pox!


All of my media exposure and comments generated 38 complaints to the Arizona Osteopathic Medical Board and an investigation was opened. Many of those who complained were medical doctors from around the country. None were from patients of mine, of course.


Some of those doctors who complained were fellow D.O. brothers and sisters. They obviously forgot the foundations of osteopathic medicine, created by A.T. Still in the late 1800’s. Still, a contemporary of D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, recognized that mainstream medicine was using danger treatment modalities such as mercury and arsenic. He denounced the doctors of the time and believed in the innate ability of the body to heal when given the right nutrients and causative factors are removed.


A.T. Still is rolling over in his grave seeing the vast majority of osteopaths for what they are, drug peddlers and wanna-be MD’s.


After CNN, I realized mainstream media is never fair and balanced. They have an agenda to appease their advertising puppeteers. I continued to promote my message on the radio, social media, lectures, and of course, my new book, The Paleo Cardiologist. I have never gone dark as CNN accused me of doing.


Do people really want to live in a country where doctors cannot have opinions outside of those promoted by pharmaceutical companies and the doctors on their payroll? Should doctors like me shut up about pharmaceutical dangers and useless procedures? Do you wish the anti-smoking community had just shut up about the risk of tobacco? Or that leaded gasoline was still in use, or allowed in children’s toys and paint for houses?


I am free to speak my mind and speak the truth, as a doctor, a father, and an American. I urge you and urge all doctors to come out of the shadows and from under the rock where they hide. Open your eyes and open your mouth.


There are hundreds of us out there on the front line defending the sanctity of children. Join us.


In health,


Jack Wolfson DO, FACC – The Paleo Cardiologist


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NIH Protects Sugar Industry Over Children’s Teeth

NIH Protects Sugar Industry Over Children’s TeethThe government has gone to great lengths to downplay the connection between sugar and tooth decay. The result has been more profits for the sugar industry and more cavities for kids.


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In the 1950s any six-year-old could tell you candy and soda cause cavities. Yet for decades the government has gone to great lengths to downplay the connection between sugar and tooth decay. The result has been more profits for the sugar industry and more cavities for kids.


A study published in the journal PLoS Medicine examined internal cane and beet sugar industry documents from 1959 to 1971.[i] Researchers from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) show that the sugar industry successfully manipulated the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct research on dental caries designed to protect the industry’s financial interests.


In 1966 President Johnson declared war on cavities. The objective was for the U.S. National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR), a branch of the NIH, to start an accelerated 10-year research program that would result in the virtual eradication of dental caries. It was called the National Caries Program (NCP).


Common sense would lead you to believe that the first step in preventing tooth decay would be to reduce the amount of sugary foods kids eat. According to the researchers, as early as 1950 even the sugar industry trade organization representing 30 international members accepted the fact that sugar caused tooth decay.


But reducing sugar intake was not in the best financial interests of the industry.Instead, the sugar documents show that the industry influenced the NIH to move away from any talk of reducing sugar intake and instead focus on a “cure” for tooth decay that didn’t involve children eating less sugar.


The strategy is the same one that lets the food industry avoid taking responsibility for the obesity epidemic. The industry points the finger at lack of physical activity rather than the quality and quantity of food eaten by America’s children. And the food industry has co-opted the government to get their agenda written into dietary and exercise guidelines and weight reduction recommendations.


In 1969 the NIH basically threw in the towel on sugar reduction. It concluded that reducing sugar consumption was theoretically possible but not practical as a public health measure. Instead in 1971 they adopted 78% of the sugar industry’s research recommendations. Research that could have been harmful to sugar industry interests was omitted.The sugar industry encouraged the NIH to design research projects that, instead of looking at sugar, focused on:

  • Fluoride in toothpaste
  • Fluoridated water supplies
  • Adding fluoride to sugar, salt or flour
  • Reducing the virulence of mouth bacteria
  • Developing a vaccine against tooth decay
  • Using food additives like phosphates to counter the effects of sugar
  • Using enzymes to break up dental plaque
  • Developing protective enamel sealants

For the next decade the government funded tooth decay research that would not harm the sugar industry. The deflection strategy included shifting public attention away from reducing sugar consumption to “funding research in collaboration with allied food industries on enzymes to break up dental plaque and a vaccine against tooth decay with questionable potential for widespread application.” According to the authors of the UCSF study, the majority of that research failed to significantly reduce the rates of tooth decay. In particular, fluoride has not resulted in lower tooth decay rates.

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